Report a crime anonymously by calling 1-800-711-1800 or PROVIDING INFORMATION ONLINE

We simply approach crime solving in three facets. We rely on cooperation between the police, the media and the public, who provide details on crimes and criminals. Any call or tip about any type of crime is accepted.

Telephone calls

Calls are received on our program’s Crime Stoppers telephone line. Calls cannot be traced and are not recorded. The coordinator forwards the information provided to the police and/or appropriate partners, but deletes any details that might make it possible to identify the caller. All calls are accepted, related to all types of crimes. By guaranteeing anonymity, we create a positive atmosphere, free of constraints and fear of reprisals.


Citizens now have the option of sending us information through a secure website.

The site’s functions ensure that citizens can submit their information directly online. Users can also ask general questions by contacting us directly in the contact section.

The National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco, a Crime Stoppers partner. From left to right, Mr. Michel Rouillard, NCACT spokesperson, Mr. Normand Savoie, Past President, CS, and Mr. Tom McConnell, President, CS.

Crime Stoppers Structure and Funding

Crime Stoppers programs are structured as a non-profit organization. A Board of Directors consisting of civilian volunteers oversees program funding and administration activities. The Board of Directors strengthens our social involvement and is crucial to the program’s success.

Crime Stoppers is funded through private donations as well as profits generated through the organization of social activities (golf tournament, dinners, fundraisers). The funding needed for our operations and distribution of rewards comes from these activities.

Our Board of Directors meets regularly and publicly manages the funds raised. If a citizen requests a reward, the board reviews the details and decides on the amount and how to issue rewards throughout the province. The maximum reward is $2,000.00.

Does it work?

The answer is quite simple: Yes. Since we started, we have received several thousand calls, resulting in hundreds of arrests, recovery of substantial funds, as well as seizure and destruction of drugs worth millions of dollars. We have helped solve all types of crimes, including murders, rapes, violence, drug trafficking, etc.

Crime Stoppers‘ success cannot be judged by statistics alone. There are other benefits.

  • Greater public awareness of crime in the community
  • Community willingness to fight crime and contribute to prevention
  • Better relations between the police, the media and citizens

Crime Stoppers is definitely here to stay. We are accepted by police forces as a valid and important source of information. Through its response, the public has accepted us as a reliable alternative for providing information to the authorities.

Suspects Sought

We are counting on you to share any information that may help us find one or more of the people we are looking for.

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